BAA Training Spain Starts Pilot Training with an Airbus A320 FFS




  • The first state-of-the-art Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is ready for training (RFT) in a brand-new simulator training facility BAA Training Spain.
  • The Airbus A320 FFS services are available to both corporate clients and self-sponsored pilots.
  • Within the year 2021, 5 more simulators will join, composing a full-flight and fixed-base simulator mix, triggering cost-saving training opportunities.

The first state-of-the-art Airbus A320 FFS is ready for training in a brand-new pilot training centre BAA Training Spain located in Barcelona, 10 minutes away from El-Prat airport. The Airbus A320 operational readiness, in fact, signifies that pilot training operations are ready to begin.

Managing Director of BAA Training Spain, Aurimas Urbonas, says: “We are delighted to announce that with the first Airbus A320 full flight simulator ready for training we are now all set to offer world-class pilot training. We embark on the next phase of the training centre’‎s operation and demonstrate our commitment to accomodating various pilot needs in the region. While this is an important breakthrough, we are ambitious and aim to further harness the growth opportunity by adding more flight simulation training devices throughout the upcoming years.“

About Airbus A320 FFS

The Airbus A320 FFS manufactured by CAE is EASA UPRT CS-FSTD (A) issue 2 Level D Approved and Certified. It supports both CFM and IAE ceo engine types.

It has the latest innovative Tropos 6000XR visual system, offering pilots an authentic visual feel. Many customized and generic scenes are available and tailored to airport characteristics. The FFS has been given a C Level airports certificate.

The equipment is fully suited for completing the Upset Prevention Recovery Training, a mandatory part of Type Rating Training, Checking, and Recurrent Training.

Cost-trimming opportunity

BAA Training seeks to execute transformational cost reduction, and its newest training center BAA Training Spain pivots first to meet changing customer needs. The objective is to be achieved by introducing a customer-centered solution to distribute the Type Rating program’‎s training components between two sub-variants of simulation devices – full flight simulators (FFS) and fixed training devices (FTD) on a 50/50 ratio. Consequently, the customer‎s’‎ savings can reach up to 40% for each training hour where an FTD replaces an FFS.

Speaking about the novelty, Aurimas Urbonas adds: „A strong emphasis on driving customer value will not only aid companies during the period of economic disruptions but also transform into a long-term, customer-centered strategy that allows everyone to stay laser-focused on achieving more by spending less.“


Coming soon equipment

BAA Training Spain expects five simulators to arrive by the end of 2021: 2 FFSs and 3 FTD Level 2 devices:

  • Boeing B737 NG FFS in Q2 2021
  • Boeing B737 MAX FFS in Q2 2021
  • A320ceo FTD Level 2 in Q3 2021
  • B737 MAX FTD Level 2 in Q4 2021
  • B737 NG FTD Level 2 in Q4 2021

The modern facility is set to meet the needs of 16.000 pilots per year and has room for 11 simulator bays. All of them will be getting occupied in the years to follow, responding to the market needs.

BAA Training aviation training hub in Spain

BAA Training Spain has been established as part of the BAA Training expansion plan to Europe. BAA Training, one of the TOP 3 biggest European aviation training centres, also owns Ab Initio flight training school with two Spanish bases – in Lleida-Alguaire International Airport (Spain) and Castellón–Costa Azahar Airport. By putting both the simulator training centre and the flight school in place and lengthening its service line, BAA Training gets a firmer hold of the market. It creates a full-scope aviation training hub in Spain open to a broader audience.

About BAA Training

BAA Training is one of the TOP three independent aviation training centres in Europe. It is one of the very few Approved Training Organizations (ATO) in Europe delivering both Ab Initio and Type Rating training. Operating seven own Airbus A320, Boeing 737NG, Boeing 737CL full flight simulators (FFS) and a network of over 69 partners’ FFSs, the company offers a total of 45 training programs, including MPL, UPRT and distance learning options. Headquartered in Lithuania, BAA Training also operates in Spain, Vietnam and China. In 2021 the company commenced opening a brand new training centre facility in Spain, Barcelona with 6 simulators: Boeing 737 MAX FFS and FTD Level 2, Boeing NG FFS and FTD Level 2 and Airbus A320 FFS and FTD Level 2. For more information about BAA Training, please visit


BAA Training is a family member of Avia Solutions Group.

Avia Solutions Group is the largest aerospace business group from Central & Eastern Europe offering aviation services worldwide. With 83 international offices and production stations, it unites a team of more than 7000 professionals providing state-of-the-art solutions in aviation industry and beyond.

For more information about Avia Solutions Group, please visit




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BAA Training Spain Starts Pilot Training with an Airbus A320 FFS

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