Good news for online shoppers: payments via Revolut are available in e-shops serviced by Paysera

From now on, clients of the global financial platform Revolut will be able to pay more easily for their purchases in Baltic online shops where payments are processed by the fintech company Paysera. The Lithuanian-born company has integrated payments via Revolut among other popular online payment methods.

Payments via Revolut are now available in almost 10,000 e-shops, serviced by Paysera across the Baltics and in other countries, which collect buyers’ payments using the payment initiation method.

“E-commerce does not have boundaries. An e-shop established in a certain country succeeds in attracting buyers from other countries and continents. Thus, the integration of the global payment platform is good news both for e-shops and Revolut customers in the Baltics and other countries,” says Vytenis Morkūnas, CEO of Paysera LT.

Paysera currently offers payment processing via Revolut for e-shops whose buyers reside in the Baltics, as well as Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, and other countries.

„Being able to use Revolut as a primary payment method while shopping online will be an appealing addition for our more than half a million customers in the Baltics“, says Virgilijus Mirkės, CEO of Revolut Payments.

At the end of last year, over 12,000 e-shops, where buyers spent more than EUR 580 million, collected payments for online purchases via Paysera. According to February data, the integration of the Paysera platform with 80 European banks and other financial institutions created conditions for e-shops to receive payments of buyers in 19 European countries.

About Paysera

Paysera is a Lithuanian-born financial technology company providing payment gateway services and serves as an alternative to banks. In 2020, over 12,000 e-shops collected payments for online purchases through the company’s system. Fintech also provides current account and money transfer services almost globally: EUR 4,7 billion was transferred through the company’s system and app last year. Clients of the fintech company use contactless Paysera Visa payment cards that can be linked with smart devices and used for paying via Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.   

About Revolut

We are building the world’s first truly global financial superapp. In 2015, Revolut launched in the UK offering money transfer and exchange. Today, our 15 million customers around the world use dozens of Revolut’s innovative products to make more than 100 million transactions a month. Across our personal and business accounts, we help customers improve their financial health, give them more control, and connect people seamlessly across the world.

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